Dreams Comes Alive for These Papier Mache Artists


Sergio Bustamante probably one the most famous papier mache artist of this century this is an excerpt from his website:

“One of the memories that lived on my childhood was the sensation to be able to fly. At the age of eleven years in the hot weather of Sinaloa and surrounded by an accumulation of fantasies, I felt that I flew transformed into a personage of my readings, obsessed by heroes and of swordfighters. Without even then imagined that, those where already splits of the creative exercise that I would dedicate my life to.

Nowadays, that I sit in my desk, they are born in paper and pencil, objects and personages that have brought between the heart and the eyes for many years (no matter how people say you always save this memories in your unconscious) memories inked of a distant past, to which I love and I sing. Painted of blurry sadnesses or memories of a recent past as sublime as receiving a kiss infront of the sea. Can you call Inspiration to bring dreams from the past? … Painting, drawing, or designing will be perhaps the incredibly private forms of being yourself and without a minimum of modesty to show the pearls that you have kept in deep inside of you?.. Can we call it Your Garden of the delights? … Or it will be the inspiration a measureless solitude with the one that we are born? …

These beings some inexplicable in sight, so natural to the touch, they speak for them selfs, (they have affinity). When the sun sings we all sing. We celebrate it with clothes of lived colors that reflect its light, sun has been God and here in Mexico we have built him temples and pyramids, therefore he has been a key piece in the imaginary robe that covers my work”

Certainly his work reflects an imagination that seems to hold no boundaries his work an inspiration to every artist who for whatever reason finds themselves holding back.  At times I feel that this is how it is with me…

His whimsical sculptures are dreams, that perhaps capture the subconscious messages that lie deep within our dreams and imagination.  They are as important as the words that resonate when we speak aloud in conversations with ourselves and those we integrate with on a daily basis.



I was also extremely fascinated by the work of Erika Takacs who is  a self-taught artist from Ontario Canada.   In order to appreciate her work I feel you should go to her website and see for yourself her wonderful sculptures.  I initially was attracted to papier mache because how environmentally friendly this media is.  It is a wonderful way to recycle your scraps to create just about anything one can dream of.  She seems to capture the female form beautifully; if not playfully.

I find her work intriguing because it represents the female gender in all its complexities.  I feel as a woman her work is thought provoking in that it elicits those emotions particular to the female gender.  Strength, mystical, cautious, loneliness, and in our society always in a hurry, but her work also sends a message: that women dream and can be whatever they want to be….



10 thoughts on “Dreams Comes Alive for These Papier Mache Artists

    • Your work is absolutely awesome! I love when I find an artist and the beauty of their work moves me I momentarily forget how life can expose us to the not so beautiful (it can be quite horrific). Thank you.

      • Working in glass has often taken me away from the sadness of events – I am glad to have given you moments of forgetfulness also! Keep writing – I want to know more! 🙂

      • I sure will thanks for following I sent your link to my daughter in hopes that she will pick up her beads once again She loves working with jewelry and she is so talented, but to busy trying to survive to make the time for what makes her happy. Sadly many find themselves in that predicament, but fail to realize that they have more power than they give themselves credit for as far as finding that time.

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  2. These pieces are inspirational! I wish I could express that kind of an imagination the way these artists do. Makes you wonder what their thinking at that moment of creativity. How can someone allow enough imagination enter their mind with all the distractions in our day to day life and how can you learn to make the time to do it?

    • thank you for your input, and I hope their work is the impetus for you to find the time to create something of your own.

    • your very welcome I had to search you out, but I am so glad that I did. I will certainly look forward to following your work.

      May peace and prosperity greet you at every corner


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